Our Mission

Our Mission

Independent Stafford – celebrating & supporting independent businesses, musicians & artists

Independent Stafford was established in 2018 to support and celebrate the burgeoning scene of independent businesses, musicians & artists in Stafford.

Being independent is not a new phenomenon, but in an increasingly globalised market, where products and services are online and somewhat faceless, the demand for, and importance of, independent businesses is on the rise. 

It’s not news that our high streets are in decline and we need to find new ways of filling our spaces that provide a rich experience that goes beyond a simple transaction.

We believe that one way to do this is to work together, both as businesses and as customers, and with everyone who can contribute positively to create a strong local community here in Stafford.

Time for Action

So, if you’re an independent business, musician or artists or have a passion for creating a stronger local community then get in touch, follow us on Instagram and Facebook and most importantly support local people and businesses whenever you can.

We’re here to provide support to businesses through our social media campaign, and also through a few paid services that will support you with media and marketing, all geared towards helping you grow. 

To our fellow Staffordians, please remember, if we don’t use them, we lose them!